Bowburn Interchange - Past Issues

The latest edition of Bowburn Interchange was going to be distributed throughout the Bowburn area in late March / early April 2020. This had to be cancelled, however, because of the Covid19 pandemic. Many planned events were being cancelled and there were fears about how safe it would be to deliver one to every household – even before the national lock-down was announced.

It has been decided to publish the first draft of this edition on-line anyway, as some news was still relevant (including the Parish Council’s quarterly newsletter, for instance). But readers should be careful to check with other groups and organisations about forthcoming events and activities. This edition was never finalised. So the layout of this draft does not look so polished!

Please click on this link to view it on-line: Interchange 94 (DRAFT)

Recent editions can be viewed by using the links below.

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Bowburn Interchange has been published about four times a year since December 1996. Before that, BVC produced an A4 newsletter, initially in the lead-up to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, in 1995. The Interchange has always been A3 in size. Originally, it was in black & white but it has been in full colour since no. 37.

Earlier editions of Bowburn Interchange and BVC News are not listed separately here. To view these, please go to Bowburn Interchange - First & earliest issues.

We are grateful to all the local advertisers who make regular publication of our newsletter possible. These are distributed throughout the Bowburn area – currently over 2,500 households.

Hard copies of all editions, including the early ones, are kept in Bowburn Library.

Issue Number Dates Issue Number Dates

Interchange 85 December 2017
Interchange 86 March 2018 Interchange 87 June 2018
Interchange 88 September 2018 Interchange 89 December 2018
Interchange 90 (corrected) March 2019 Interchange 91 June 2019
Interchange 92 September 2019 Interchange 93 December 2019
Interchange 94 (DRAFT) March 2020 Interchange 95 (when published) June 2020 ?